8,888 distressed, unique, hand-drawn NFTs on the Solana blockchain

Who are the Bothered Otters?

Bothered Otters is a collection of the 8,888 cutest, cuddliest and most badass randomly generated NFTs that exist on the Solana Blockchain. The Bothered Otters have given over 1400 SOL to our community in an unprecedented 98 million transactions during our Sheltering Game and have pledged $150,000 of our mint proceeds to go to help save the South Sea Otter from extiction.

Otter holders can participate in exclusive events that will be hosted such as exclusive NFT mints, raffles, community giveaways, voting for future charitible donations and more.




1438.119199 SOL

The otters have all escaped thanks to the generous shelter of over 200,000 humans.
They thank you all dearly. 💝


🦦 The Escape


An evil scientist conducted horrific experiements on his otters in an attempt to build an otter army.

The otters found the code to his Solana vault and are escaping, stealing SOL and leaving stuffed animals in their place.

They're fleeing to settle a new land of Otterdam and must pay strangers for shelter to evade the scientist's inevitable rescue effort.

They won't find freedom without you. Will you help them?

🤯 The Discovery


All of the otters have escaped! The scientist notices at the last moment that his otters haven't been moving or breathing for weeks, but just kind of...sitting there.

(un)Fortunately for the scientist, it's too late. The otters have already assembled a plan to build the city of their dreams, Otterdam!

Humans may ask the otters for a generous donation of a Golden Ticket to join them in Otterdam. A proud otter may even gift some SOL for the bus fare.

1 Golden Ticket = The right to mint 1 Bothered Otter for a cost of 1 SOL. Only humans with Golden Tickets may mint otters.

🙌 The Mint


8,888 Golden Tickets have been distributed and Bothered Otters may be minted!

Minting Cost: 1 Golden Ticket + 1 SOL

🌍 Life in Otterdam


Minting is not the end of our story, its just the beginning! Otter Holders gain access to many member-only perks.

  • Access to future airdrops
  • Recurring SOL raffles
  • Voting rights on how the charity funds are distributed
  • Whitelist status for all upcoming BO projects

🕹 Phase 2: The Game

Humans who own Bothered Otters NFTs will participate in a one-of-a-kind collaborative game to bring some spice and flair to the newly settled land of Otterdam.

Owners will come together to create unique NFTs unlike any other in a new, fun and collaborative way.

This collection of 1,000 very special otter-crafted NFTs will be airdropped to Bothered Otters holders at random. NOTE: The Phase 2 NFT collection is not intended to be treated as an investment and may have no market value.

This game is only possible thanks to the speed and low fees of the Solana blockchain.

More details will be revealed following The Mint.

🥰 100% community powered

We don't work with influencers. We don't run ads. We give 100% of our marketing budget to our community. Your involvement makes this project a success. Thank you for your support!

Join us on Discord to chat with us and make our communty stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bothered Otter?

Bothered Otters are collectible non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Solana blockchain. They are highly disturbed from genetic experiments, but cute and cuddly to own nonetheless.

How do I get my hands on an otter?

First you'll need to get your hands on a Golden Ticket.

What's a Golden Ticket?

A Golden Ticket is an NFT that gives you the right to mint an otter for its minting price of 1 SOL. The Tickets are used as a fairness mechanism for the otters' launch. Nobody can mint an otter without a Golden Ticket.

How do I get a Golden Ticket?

After all 8,888 otters escape the scientist's lair, you can offer your wallet to hide otters (scroll up). If you are lucky enough, an otter will drop a golden ticket in your wallet after taking cover.

Can I trade golden tickets?

Yes you can! Golden Tickets can be traded freely. That means if you want to mint a lot of otters, you can find people who have Tickets and make them offers. We recommend you conduct any trades on a secure marketplace to avoid scams.

Trade on Solanart

When are Golden Tickets launching?

When all 8,888 otters escape the lair.

When can I mint an otter?

After all 8,888 Golden Tickets have been distributed.

About the Team


Professional artist who has spent years studying the unparalleled beauty of otters.

Otter Mom

A full-stack game and blockchain developer with 10+ years of experience in both fields.


An ex-accountant and full-stack developer with years of experience who believes in the future of France.

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